EMS 14001:2015 Lead Auditor

This is a recognized course.

  • Course Length: 5 Days
  • Approved: Proactive Excel Safety Consultancy is the marketing sub-contractor
    of BSCIC Certifications Pvt. Ltd.

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About the Course

BSCIC is a Certified Training Partner of Exemplar Global to deliver EMS 14001:2015 Lead Auditor Training Courses.


Accreditation & Certification

Exemplar Global Inc commenced quality certifications in the United States and Australia in 1989. Exemplar Global was created in 2004 from the merger of the personnel certification activities of the U.S Registrar Accreditation Board (RAB) with the Australia-based Quality Society of Australasia (QSA). iNARTE (International Association for Radio, Telecommunications, and

Who should attend this course?

  • We support your career by giving you research into what makes up the profession and the industries that use credentialed people.
  • We help you make the choice to pursue a certified career by allowing you to assess your readiness.
  • We can help you identify the necessary training and experience required to satisfy future employers.
  • BSCIC for all its EG LAC certified students will give free 5 Audit days of audit observation in third party certification audits enabling them to complete Third party registration faster.
  • An audit logs shall be given by BSCIC Certifications Private Limited upon completion of 5 observations Staff who are charged with the responsibility to develop and maintain a QMS.
  • All QMS auditors who wish to acquire an internationally recognized auditor status
  • Those who wish to explore career opportunities in management system auditing



5 Days (40 hours including a 2 hour examination)



Students are required to have some background/knowledge in environmental management and knowledge of ISO 14001.



  • General introduction, certification and accreditation
  • Introduction to environmental aspects/impacts and risk
  • The legislative framework
  • Introduction to ISO 14000 series and ISO 14001 EMS
  • Audit planning
  • Document review
  • Process auditing
  • Audit skills
  • Writing NC reports
  • Audit reporting
  • Audit follow up


Examination and Certification

Students who passed the continuous assessment and the 2 hour written examination will be awarded a Certificate of Successful Completion. Based on IRCA policy, this course satisfies the training requirement for certification as an IRCA registered EMS Lead Auditor/Auditor.

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